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Our shipment of "Predator" woven brake lining and FPD 3020 Flatsheet will be arriving early January 2016.
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Asbestos-Free Moulded Roll Lining

Earthmoving/Off-road and Truck
Disc Brake Pads:

Non-Asbestos Woven Brake Lining:

Sintered Clutch Buttons & Rivets:

Truck and Trailer Linings:

Friction Gear Tooth Clutch Plates:

Clutch Facings:

Chain Hoist Discs:

Friction Flat Sheeting:

Moulded Roll Lining:

Automotive Disc Brake Pads:
Various sizes available for light & heavy duty applications.

For all types of vehicles including; Bell, Case, Catepillar, Komatsu, Mercedes (Actros, Atego Sprinter), MAN, Terex, Volvo, Liugong, etc.

Applications: Mining Industry, Ships and Shipping, hoist and Winch machines, Cranes, Conveyors and Excavators to mention a few.

For use on many varieties of clutch plates.

Used in Brick manufacturing machines, Boring machines in the building and construction industry and many other special applications. We also supply Fibre ring gears for the Clarke/Michigan gear boxes.

Moulded and Woven. We also make up any size, thickness including segments for larger clutch plates on presses and other special machines.

All standard sizes available and any special size can be made.

This is standard size sheet (500mm x 500mm square) that can be made to thicknesses varying from 3mm up to 40mm for use in all industrial or specialised applications.

All standard sizes are available.

This is a non-asbestos widely known brake pad available for a large number of road vehicles.